The FDRE Public Procurement & Property Administration Agency

በኢፌዲሪ የመንግስት ግዥና ንብረት አስተዳደር ኤጀንሲ

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Id TIN NO. Company Name Business License No. Business Type Business Category Area of Business
1 0004704881 Zenebe Hailemariam Trading Enterprise 14/706/16976/2004 Stationary Materials Import Goods
2 0042843463 W.A.V Trading PLC 14/01/02/61/1588/2006 Stationery Materials Whole Saler Goods
3 0046865310 synergy trading plc 14/706/526486/2008 Machinery and Mechanical Devices Whole Saler Goods
4 0036947911 BURTE YE ELECTRONICS SERA MICRO ENTERPRISR or/08/05/02/000000013105 Computers and Related Equipments Whole Saler Goods
5 0036947911 BURTE YE ELECTRONICS SERA MICRO ENTERPRISR 62/62372/000000/143/207 Stationary Materials and Sanitary Items Whole Saler Goods
6 0005932178 Anwar Ebrahim Mehamed 06/01/04/25515/03 Grade III Building-BC Works
7 0002470477 AFRICAWIT CONSTRUCTION PLC 14/665/6402/2004 Grade II General Contractor-GC Works
8 0003334502 Abiye Tekiblew 9/812/8101112/2003 Advertising and Promotion Non Consultancy Non Consultancy