The FDRE Public Procurement & Property Administration Agency

በኢፌዲሪ የመንግስት ግዥና ንብረት አስተዳደር ኤጀንሲ

Awarded contracts for goods and Non-consultancy services

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Id Name of Public Body Procurement Type Bid No. Supplier Date contract signed
1 Leather Industry Development Institute Goods 001/2007 ROJ office supplies 28/11/2014
2 Document Authentication and Registration Office Goods 02/2008 Paloma Trading plc 25/04/2016
3 Document Authentication and Registration Office Goods 1/2009 Minaye PLC 02/12/2016
4 FDRE Central Statistics Agency Goods Bid/CSA/019/2009 Ebrahim mahmud 04/10/2017
5 Addis Ababa University Horn of Africa Goods CNS/PPA/001/2006/2014 NYALA MOTORS S.CO 15/12/2014
6 Debre Birhan University Goods DBU010 2006/2007 YIELD IMPORT 10/01/2017
7 Debre Birhan University Goods DBU05/09/2010 solomon and tadese grainmail supplier and supper 31/10/2017
8 Debre Birhan University Goods DBU17/2010 juri general contractor mse 00/00/0000
9 Debre Birhan University Goods DBU18/210 solomon and tadese grainmail supplier and supper 16/01/2018
10 Debre Birhan University Goods DBU23/2010 Tewodros Tadele Hailu 00/00/0000
11 Ethiopian Wild Life Conservation Authority Works EWCA 02/2008/2015 Ermias Mergia General Contractor 00/00/0000
12 Ministry of Education Works MOE/GOV/ICB/02/01/2016-RE Santa Maria Construction PLC 09/08/2016
13 Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Constru Works NCB FGBCPO 02/2012 Tewodros Admasu General Contractor 14/11/2019
14 Ethiopian Roads Authority W/12/NCB/OC/GOE/2009EFY Yencomad Construction PLC 15/05/2018
15 Ethiopian Roads Authority Works W/18/ICB/OC/GOE/2006 EFY Defence Construction Enterprise 16/12/2015
16 Ethiopian Roads Authority Works W/29/ICB/OC/GOE/2006EFY China First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. 09/03/2017
17 Ethiopian Roads Authority Works W/30/NCB/OC/GOE/2006EFY Yencomad Construction PLC 16/12/2015
18 Ethiopian Roads Authority Works W/54/NCB/OC/GOE/2005EFY Dungoo Construction PLC 20/10/2015
19 Ethiopian Roads Authority Works W/56/NCB/OC/GOE/2009EFY Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction PLC 23/05/2018