The FDRE Public Procurement & Property Administration Agency

በኢፌዲሪ የመንግስት ግዥና ንብረት አስተዳደር ኤጀንሲ

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Id TIN NO. Company Name Business License No. Business Type Business Category Area of Business
1 0005912399 Zzard Car Rental co. 14/666/363496/2005 Car Rent Non Consultancy Non Consultancy
2 0040333138 ZY trading plc MT/AA/2/0024/883/2006 Detergents Industry/Manufacturing Goods
3 0040333138 ZY trading plc MT/AA/2/0024883/2006 Sanitary Items Industry/Manufacturing Goods
4 0016424259 ZWEDINASH BEYENE ROGA 14/671/7245/2005 Building Materials Retailer Goods
5 0007050041 Zuns Computer 14/706/838512/2006 Computer and Related Equipment Retailer Goods
6 0021649035 Zufan&Tsehay Contruction Work P/Ship 14/667/607215/2006 Grade VIII(8) General Contractor-GC Works
7 0040443704 ZUBER JUHAD 002802/6/2006 Service Non Consultancy Non Consultancy
8 440301104033520 ZTEICT Technology Co Ltd 440301104033520 Electronic Materials Industry/Manufacturing Goods
9 0003501019 ZTEHK Limited Ethiopian Branch MCIT/AA/12349/2006 Exchange Installation Non Consultancy Non Consultancy
10 0046932669 ZTECH ICT SOLUTIONS PLC YK/AA/14/672/521063/2008 Information Communication Technology Consultants Consultants
11 0046932669 ZTECH ICT SOLUTIONS PLC YK/AA/14/672/521072/2008 Information Technology and Related Services Non Consultancy Non Consultancy
12 0005993318 ZTA Technology Solution PLC 14/665/65086/2006 Information Technology and Related Services Non Consultancy Non Consultancy
13 0009463978 zowi Books and Stationay Materials Retial Trade NL/AA/14/665/501231/2007 Stationary Materials and Sanitary Items Retailer Goods
14 0005935838 Zoskales waterproofing & finishing works 14/673/51755/2004 Chemicals and chemical products Import Goods
15 0007909327 ZOSIMAS IMPORTER 14/670/518670/2008 Construction Materials Import Goods
16 0007909327 ZOSIMAS IMPORTER 14/670/518677/2008 Household and Office Furnitur Import Goods
17 0017393193 Zorat Engineering BL/AA/14/673/4033376/07 Construction Material leasing Non Consultancy Non Consultancy
18 0017393193 Zorat Engineering 14/666/409500/06 Grade V Water Work Construction Contractor Works
19 0017393193 Zorat Engineering 14/666/409500/2006 Grade V (5) Water works and Building Contractor Works
20 0016021403 Zomla Trading yk/AA/0002444/2006 Computer and Related Equipment Retailer Goods