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Detail Tender Information

Bid No. [ EOI ]
Procurement Type Non Consultancy Services
Fiscal Year 2017
Bid Description

Lehulu is a government service center run by a private operator on Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. The PPP arrangement was on a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. Presently, Lehulu is offering services of collecting monthly bills to the Ethio Telecom, Addis Ababa Water & Sewerage Authority; and collect traffic penalty fines for Addis Ababa City Government Transport Bureau. In addition to the current services, Lehulu is planned to provide various G2C and selected to B2C services. Addition of new services to Lehulu would be done through the approval of MCIT. Currently, Lehulu is running in 38 service centers. The service centers are provided by the government while all the day to day operations is performed by the Private Partner.

  1. This bid is a two stage bidding to be conducted as per Article 9 of the Ethiopian Government Public Procurement and Property Administration proclamation No_649/2009. This bid is National Competitive Bid.

The Public Private arrangement with the current operator of Lehulu will end in this year (2018); therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology invites a qualified and financially able firm to quote a proposal to establish a Public Private Partnership with MCIT and the participating institutions to ensure the continuity and modernity of the current services and expand the services provided by Lehulu Centers.

  1. Interested firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The short listing criteria are: Core business and Years in business, qualifications in the field of the assignment, technical and managerial organization of the firm, general qualifications and number of key staff.
  2. A firm’s experience in the specific area of partnership being considered is of paramount importance in identifying the right partner. MCIT, in this regard, is looking for a PPP where the private partner provides the Operational facilities (ICT equipment, LAN, Billing Software Solutions, clerks and operational staff, other relevant applications, personnel, management, etc, …) as per required specifications of the project, operates the existing system and add modernization on the existing platform. The private partner will provide all of the financing for the facility except for the buildings which MCIT will provide in a special agreement with the participating institutions.

At the end of the Contract, MCIT or an independent government authority will assume operating responsibility for the facility, contract the operations back again to the private partner, or award a new contract to a new private partner.

Required Qualification and Experience:

The company should have experience in all the dimension of a Unified Billing System and service provision Initiatives: technical skills in Common Services Center management.

-          The company should have ample experience in working with government.

-          The company should have ample experience with similar projects and equipped with qualified and skilled IT Professionals. The company should list and briefly describe similar projects undertaken in the past 3 years with documentary evidences.

-          The company should have domain expertise with solid experiences on the area of mobile payment, payment platform and service management.

-          The company should submit its proposal along with the technical staff’s educational qualification and experience document.

-          The company is expected to be a company or group of companies.

-          The company should submit detailed company profile, expertise and financial position to provide the solution.

-          As the project is goal critical with tangible expected outputs and results, the firm should prepare and propose a project plan with well organized and structured work break down indicating each activity that can be easily monitored and evaluated at different levels of progress with tangible results.

-          The firm shall provide assurance in writing that a description of such organization of the proposal shall not change during the conduct of the project. However, any change required later shall be permissible with manual consent and confirmation letter writing.

  1. The interested firm should submit in a written form to the address, in one envelope, should be sealed in an outer envelope. The interested firm should submit documents indicating:
    1. Their facilities and areas of expertise;
    2. Descriptions of similar assignments;
    3. Experience in similar operating conditions;
    4. Availability of appropriate experience and professional qualifications among Applicant’s staff and resources to carry out the assignment; and
    5. Administrative strength and financial capability
    6. Proposal to perform the assignment
    7. Interested applicants should send their documentary evidences to the address below. Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours 02:30 to 11:30 local time.
    8. Bid must be delivered to the address on the Closing Date 25 December/ 2017 at 2:00 PM (afternoon) local time. Bid Opening will be on the same date at 2:30 PM (afternoon) local time. No expectation of bid security.
    9. In addition to the hard copy, the Expression of Interest must be submitted electronically at and physically at the following address:

Ethiopian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Attn: Ato Kahsay Guben, Director, Procurement and General Service Directorate

4th Floor, Chelelek Alsam Bldg, Mexico Square,

Tel.: +251 944-10-70-08/ +251 115-52-13-81/ +251 118-96-21-63

P.O.Box 1028

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bid Attachment

Request for EOI Build Operate Own Transfer Lehulu Service Centers.docx

Mode of procurement NCB
Bid Closing Date 09/01/2018
Bid Closing Time 02:00 PM
Expected Award Date15/02/2018
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